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Example Cases And Recoveries

Personal Injury And Insurance Claims

  • Co-Counsel in $9,000,000.00 settlement for a worker whose hair was caught in a conveyor.
  • Co-Counsel in a fatal car vs semi-truck collision recovering $6,500,000.00.
  • Co-Counsel for a woman pedestrian whose leg was amputated after being hit by a garbage truck in a $9,000,000.00 settlement.
  • Recovered $460,000.00 after trial for a roofer who fell when a ladder telescoped after the site manager adjusted the ladder.
  • Recovered $1,500,000.00 for a Ford worker injured on a train when a bulkhead fell on him.
  • After appeals to the Supreme Court, recovered $1,400,000.00 in an intentional tort claim against a worker’s employer.
  • Won $530,000.00 for the family of an asbestos worker whose wife was exposed because she did his laundry.
  • Recovered $350,000.00 for a seatbelt defect claim.
  • Won a $600,000.00 settlement and payment of all medical bills for the driver in a one car collision.
  • Won $350,000.00 for a Chrysler worker who was burned after a weekend cleaning crew did not finish their job.
  • Won $529,000.00 from the vehicle driver who hit a bicyclist after police blamed the bicyclist.
  • Received a jury verdict of $130,000.00 for an Arab American gentleman who had a shoulder injury from a hit and run driver, which was affirmed in the Court of Appeals, and settled after Defendant insurer appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court.
  • Won $115,000.00 for an executive who was rear ended with no vehicle damage.
  • Recovered $456,000.00 for a retired motorcyclist struck by a car.
  • Won $503,000.00 for a hair stylist after a rollover collision.
  • $248,000.00 for a woman injured when she slipped and fell at a grocery store and injured her hip.
  • $185,000.00 for a woman who slipped and fell at her church, aggravating prior conditions in her spine.
  • $240,000.00 in pain and suffering damages for a man struck by a car while he was working, despite no damage to his work vehicle.
  • $100,000.00 for a New Jersey woman who fell at a Detroit wedding reception and injured her wrist.
  • $110,000.00 for a Monroe man who slipped and fell in a movie theater, injuring his leg.
  • $248,000.00 for a woman injured when she slipped and fell at a grocery store and injured her hip.
  • Recovered $450,000.00 for a client who was forced to wear a halo for three months due to a neck injury caused in a violent car crash.
  • Recovered $225,000.00 for the family of a young man who was killed on his motorcycle by a negligent driver after the police wrongly blamed the motorcyclist.
  • Recovered $180,000.00 in Michigan no-fault benefits for a client whose insurer refused to pay for care rendered by the crash victim’s family.
  • Recovered $70,000.00 for an injured teenager after the trial court judge dismissed her case because of her Facebook photos. The case settled after we won reversal in the Court of Appeals.
  • Recovered $225,000.00 from the manufacturer and designer of a defective window and the company that installed the window for a family whose home was severely damaged by mold and water damage.
  • Recovered $60,000.00 for a worker whose back was injured on the job after all nine of the witnesses on the scene falsely testified that our client caused his own fall.
  • Recovered $77,000.00 on behalf of a dog bite victim despite the dog’s owner claiming that our client was a trespasser.
  • Defeated Michigan’s insurance-friendly “open and obvious” doctrine to recover awards for many clients injured by dangerous conditions on property.
  • Recovered $75,000.00 from a national bank after it refused to honor the “mortgage debt cancellation policy” it sold to our client, falsely claiming that our client’s wife’s death was caused by a preexisting condition. The bank offered to pay the full amount owed when it received our complaint.
  • Recovered over $100,000.00 for stolen jewelry after the insurance company denied the claim.
  • Obtained $25,000.00 in costs and attorney fees after a jury trial and about $5,000.00 in medical bills.
  • Obtained $120,000.00 jury verdict when the insurance company wrongfully coordinated benefits its with health insurance.