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Going Separate Ways

Guidance Through A Difficult Time

The attorneys of Mancini Schreuder Kline PC provide experienced, aggressive representation in divorce, separate maintenance, child custody, custody modification, child support and other family law matters. Our firm can assist you with all aspects of your divorce proceeding, including alimony and parenting time disputes.

Our Warren divorce attorneys understand the difficulties and life-changing aspects of divorce, and provide experienced representation during this challenging time.

Our Approach

We are honest and straightforward with our clients. We do not charge unreasonable fees. We do not make unrealistic promises about the potential outcome of the case. We do listen to you to explain your concerns and goals, and explain how we can help. Your lawyer will outline your legal options in plain English, not legal jargon. We will keep you informed of developments in your case.

When choices need to be made, we will give you our best legal advice, but you will make the decision about whether or not to accept a settlement offer or go to trial, for example.

Working Toward Settlement While Preparing For Trial

In all family law cases, we first work to achieve an out-of-court settlement of issues. We are skilled negotiators who understand how to get disputing parties to work toward an agreement while protecting our client’s interests and goals.

Most of our family law cases settle outside of court. However, we cannot control the other party, who may be unwilling to be reasonable. That is why we prepare every case as if it will go to trial. Should your case end up in court, you can rely on our litigation skills to resolve all disputed issues.

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To arrange a free initial consultation about your divorce or another family law matter, please call Mancini Schreuder Kline PC at , call toll-free at 586-218-3568 or contact us online.