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It’s not your imagination. Michigan drivers have gotten worse.

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

For years, car crash statistics showed a positive trend in overall road safety. Improvements in driver education and vehicle safety systems led to fewer crashes and fewer fatalities or severe injuries when crashes did occur.

However, that trend has reversed in recent years. Many drivers in Michigan may have felt recently like the roads seem flooded with unsafe drivers who don’t care about breaking traffic laws. That observation isn’t just an anecdote. Recent traffic safety statistics validate that idea. More crashes with tragic outcomes have occurred in Michigan in recent years, making the potential for a life-altering wreck a more serious concern.

What do the statistics show?

Tracking the number of crashes and traffic deaths that occur annually can provide a lot of insight for those establishing safety standards for vehicles or fine-tuning traffic regulations. Crash statistics can also be valuable for those who want to avoid collisions. The number of fatal traffic incidents in Michigan has increased significantly in the last few years.

There was a 15% increase in traffic deaths recorded in Michigan between 2018 and 2022. If there is any silver lining to that disturbing trend, it is that the state reported that teen traffic deaths dropped 34% during the same time.

Although 2023 did see a drop in fatalities when compared with 2022, the number of traffic deaths is still far higher than it was in 2018. That decrease aligns with nationwide traffic trends in 2023. It is too early yet to know if 2024 continue the positive change noted in 2023. Drivers have more reason than ever before to be proactive about their own safety.

They may also want to look carefully at their insurance coverage. No-fault reform inspired many people to reduce their coverage to keep their costs a bit lower. Revisiting that decision could be a smart move given the number of tragedies that have occurred in Michigan in recent years.

Realizing that traffic is less safe now than it was just a few years ago could help people plan to better protect themselves and the people they love. Yet, accidents may happen regardless of any one individual’s best efforts. Anyone involved in a motor vehicle collision may need help navigating the complex no-fault insurance system or taking legal action against a driver at fault for the wreck.