Warren Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Michigan Work Accident Lawyers: Experienced Legal Help for Injured Workers

Employees have rights to receive workers' compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. It's the law.

If you have been injured at work or are suffering from a work-related illness, you should contact an attorney immediately to learn more about your rights. You should also call immediately if your benefits have been terminated.

Employers know the law in this area and may try to avoid paying you the benefits you deserve. You should have an experienced lawyer on your side, protecting your rights.

The attorneys of Mancini Schreuder Kline PC have over 100 years of collective experience in workers' compensation matters. We know how to navigate through the legal tangle of workers' compensation, disability insurance claims, Social Security, coordination of Medicare demands and other health care claims.

We are respected for the depth of our knowledge and for the successes we have achieved for our clients. Other lawyers regularly consult us for advice on complex workers' compensation cases.

To learn more about our workers' compensation practice, please review the following pages:

  • Types of work injuries: With over 35 years of experience, our firm has handled all manner of injuries/disabilities, both physical and mental
  • High-risk occupations: Industrial laborers, tradesmen, drivers, lab technicians, medial care providers and others can have careers ruined with an injury or disability. Workers need our expertise.

Founding partner Charles Mancini has extensive experience in workers' rights and labor law. Attorney Roger Kline is a leader in advocating for injured workers.  Attorney Ronald Kefgen worked for an insurance company for 25 years, defending employers against workers' compensation claims and now employs those skills vigorously representing injured workers. Our entire legal team is dedicated to helping injured workers obtain workers' compensation and benefits from all applicable sources.

Recently Injured? Denied Workers' Comp Claim?

No matter what stage of the process your claim is in, we can help. We will coach you through the process of notifying your employer, making a claim, working with your doctor and dealing with conflicts. We can help you avoid mistakes that can result in having your workers' compensation payments terminated before you are able to return to work.

To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our Warren workers' compensation attorneys, please call Mancini Schreuder Kline PC at