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Mancini Schreuder Kline PC provides comprehensive legal services for injured and disabled people. The firm also represents clients in other areas of law, from bankruptcy to family law to criminal defense and employee rights. We are a full service law firm designed to meet the needs of individuals. To learn more about our practice, please follow the links below.

Workers' compensation: We are the law firm other lawyers come to for advice about complex and challenging workers' compensation issues. Our lawyers can assist you at any stage of the process, helping you avoid mistakes and resolve problems.

  • Types of work injuries: With over three and a half years of experience, our firm has handled all manner of injuries/disabilities, both physical and mental
  • High-risk occupations: Industrial laborers, tradesmen, drivers, lab technicians, medial care providers and others can have careers ruined with an injury or disability. Workers need our expertise.

Social Security Disability: We help people who are no longer able to work at any substantial gainful activity receive Social Security Disability benefits.

  • Qualifying medical conditions: All manner of health issues can impact one's ability to successfully compete on the job market. On the other hand, having a specific diagnosis doesn't translate into disability. Our team translates your health issues, diagnoses and medical data into functional impairments necessary to determine 'disability'.
  • How to start the process: Social Security claims mag be started with a visit to your local office, a call to 866-319-7995 or online at www.ssa.gov. Prior to contacting the SSA, we would recommend a free initial consultation for advice, coaching and tips regarding these important first encounters with SSA. Many of our visitors retain us after their first conference to determine their chances of winning SD at the first level.
  • If you have been denied: If your initial application is denied, you will probably need a lawyer to help you at the next step of the Disability process. Our attorneys will assist you in filing for a Hearing, in obtaining medical records and doctor opinions, in preparing you for your 'disability hearing' and in writing a brief on your behalf to the judge.
  • Over age 50 claims: For claimants approaching or over the age of 50, the Social Security Administration begins to factor in age, job experience and work skills to the "disability" analysis.

Personal injury: If you have been injured through an accident caused by negligence, our Warren accident attorneys can help you obtain financial compensation for your losses, including pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income and more.

Insurance issues: If your insurance company fails to honor the terms of its policy by denying or delaying payment of claims, or paying you less than is reasonable, please contact us.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure, stop repossessions and stop the harassing phone calls and letters. Let us help you get a fresh financial start.

Divorce and child custody: Our divorce and family law attorneys will protect your interests in all divorce issues, including division of property, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support.

Criminal defense: If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need a lawyer you can depend on for aggressive and intelligent defense. Contact the Michigan criminal defense lawyers of Mancini Schreuder Kline PC.

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